We're a small business and we pride ourselves on the great job we do for our clients. If you've recently had service from us, please let us know how we're doing below:


What Do Your Neighbor's think?

Greg L. | St Augustine, FL

"One Call handles our lawn and shrub treatments. They have worked for us for the past two years which in itself is amazing because no other company has even made it more than two months before we fired them. One Call is different. They actually care about providing good service and doing a good job. Our lawn and shrubs have never looked better and when we have a special need (like taking care of a turf fungus or help getting rid of moles), the One Call team is helpful to us in solving the problems. One Call is responsive, friendly and an excellent value. We have recommended them to others who have also recommended them. I can’t think of a better way to measure how happy people are with One Call."

Diane O. | St Johns, FL

"One Call was referred to us about a year ago from our landscaper. He was spot on with this recommendation. At this point, we are very pleased that we signed up for their lawn weed and fertilizer treatments. Our lawn was an eye sore, full of dollar weeds and other unsightly weeds. We were not sure it could be salvaged but One Call came to the rescue. With time, patience, and their reassurance, we now have a beautiful and lush lawn. Their technicians and customer service staff are professional, kind and willing to help when needed, even if it is outside the regular scheduled appointments. We are extremely happy with the results. This is a company that I would be happy to recommend to others."

Mike L. | St Augustine, FL

"After the builder left us with a lawn barely clinging to life we tried treating it ourselves as well as using three different 'Big Name' lawn and pest companies. After months of treatments and hundreds of dollars they each said 'tear out and re-sod'. OneCall had signs all over the neighborhood, so I gave it one last shot. Darren came out, and several months later our lawn was a lush green earning compliments from neighbors and 'please mow' notices from the HOA as I then needed to mow twice a week. When we moved to our new home, OneCall was the first service I scheduled. After our first 'winter' our lawn and the neighbor's (they went with OneCall at our recommendation) are the ONLY deep green ones on our street. Now there are suddenly more and more OneCall signs popping up in the neighborhood."

Joe D. | St Augustine, FL

“I always thought that I could handle my own yard, and thought that people that paid for lawn service were either lazy or just had more money than they knew what to do with. Now that I've found OneCall, I realize that those people were way smarter than me. I spend less time which is money and less money on the wrong products and my yard looks better than ever.”

One Call

is all it takes to treat and protect your yard and home.